Frequently Asked Questions


How old do I have to be?
Participants in an experience must be over the age of 12.  Any person under 18 must be accompanied by an adult (participation may be appropriate for younger children – call us to discuss). 
How challenging is it – can anyone have a go?
Yes, anyone can have an unforgettable experience in Flight Studio. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry – your instructor will be there to give you a thorough briefing, assist you as much as you need throughout, but will let YOU take the controls for all aspects of your flight experience. 
What does it feel like?
Once the lights are dimmed inside the simulator cockpit, it’s the closest thing you’ll experience to flying a plane without being inside an actual Boeing 737 800. Everything is designed to re-create a genuine flying experience, from the seats, decor and view, to the variable weather conditions during your flight, the high definition views which take in actual landmarks and landscapes you’d see along your chosen route, and the very ‘feel’ of the aircraft you’ll be controlling. You’re in such a cocooned, enclosed environment that you may well feel as if you’re leaving the real world far, far behind… 
Will I get travel sick?
Motion sickness could be a problem for those susceptible, but unlikely. However, we can take a short break if necessary (note this time will be part of your simulator hire time). 
Is it safe for everyone?
The simulators are very safe devices and are checked daily for problems or defects. Anyone with medical conditions should call us to discuss suitability. 
Can I take photographs/video while I’m in the simulator?
Yes, however, we can provide you with a photo free of charge too if requested. 
Do I need to wear any special clothing?
We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and avoid shoes with heels. 
Will the instructor be with me throughout?
Yes, unless this is not your first visit and you have made a special arrangement. 
Where can I fly from?
Literally hundreds of destinations around the world. The software used to generate the panoramic views from your cockpit windows can take you wherever you want to go – whether that’s a far flung destination like San Francisco, Shanghai or Mumbai – or somewhere a little closer to home like Luton Airport. 
What happens if I crash the plane?
Nothing – other than providing some laughs for any friends or colleagues you have with you that day…