Customer Testimonials: What people thought?


A worthwhile and enjoyable experience!

I fly 737 NGs for a living and was looking forward to trying out the simulator at flight studio and seeing how it compares. Immediately upon entering the facilities I was impressed. The briefing room and refreshment area are very well designed and fit for purpose. It creates a very professional atmosphere from the start.

When I got into the simulator itself it did not disappoint. It looked and felt just like the real thing. I spend quite a lot of time in simulators during recurrent training for my job and the interiors and the visuals are almost identical. As for the guys at flight studio running these experience days, they clearly have a passion for flying and a real enthusiasm for the days. They have put a lot of time and effort into building this simulator to create a realistic experience for their customers and to ensure their customers are prepared for the road ahead, should they choose to embark on the journey of becoming an airline pilot.

I never had this kind of opportunity before I started on my journey, but I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in making flying a career. If you are not looking to make flying a career, but would love to get your hands on a jet for an hour or so, this is also a great thing to do with a few friends. If nothing else, definitely a fun day out and a memorable experience.

Rebecca, Thomson Airways



A realistic peek into the airline industry!

Being an Airline pilot myself, albeit flying a different type of aircraft, I was expecting an enjoyable day experiencing what it’s like to fly a Boeing 737NG. I was pleasantly surprised by the realism of the simulator. Being in the airline industry, there is a large amount of exposure to simulators for recurrent training. The quality of the Flight Studio simulator is excellent and is very much comparable with the airlines equipment.

The visuals are brilliant, looking out of the window of the cockpit, you feel like you are in any of the real destinations themselves. The delivering of the session by the guys at Flight Studio was very informative and gave a good insight into the workings of the Boeing. They are clearly very passionate about flying and it shows in their instruction. The simulator building is a good setting for the experience with a nice briefing area and the opportunity to grab some refreshments.

Overall, I had a very enjoyable experience; perfect for anyone that is thinking of a career in the industry or who loves aviation.

Richard, EasyJet



Attended today!

Very realistic experience. Spent a full 2 hours there which seem to go very quickly. It takes a lot of concentration but is worth the effort. Gave me a great insight into all the checks the pilots make before you leave the ground. If you are a nervous flyer give this experience a try.




A great couple of hours…

If you have an interest in flying or aircraft you will enjoy this experience. Had a really great couple of hours here. It was my first visit and it exceeded my expectations. Andrew is really friendly and enthusiastic.

Sara C



From booking to actually having the experience everything was seamless!

Andrew is incredibly efficient and makes all availability questions together with booking and paying for this experience stress free and simple.

This was booked as a surprise for my husband and he could not have been more chuffed. How often does one get to fly a Boeing 737 from Liverpool to Edinburgh.

Both Andrew and Pete are very welcoming and great at what they do, pure professionals. We cannot rate this enough; definitely an experience to book if you’re looking for that something a little different, something just that bit more unique.

Thank you Andrew & Pete, Russell loved it and was raving about it all the way home.




Thank you for a really awesome experience!

On Arrival at the Flight Studio, Andrew greeted us and was really friendly and welcoming, He provided tea, coffee etc
The pre-flight briefing was informative and the room was comfortable and stylish, my wife was able to stay in this area and watch my flight experience on a large HD monitor which was great for her, as she could enjoy my flight too.

On entering the flight deck, I was amazed at the reality. Andrew the instructor was amazing and talked me through the controls and flight plan. He was very patient and a great instructor!

The flight from Liverpool to Edinburgh was awesome, the graphics are amazing and I really felt I was flying the real thing! I have not done anything like this before, but will definitely do it again!!

My wife bought me a 2 hour flight and I enjoyed every second, Andrew the instructor didn’t rush anything and made the whole thing so enjoyable. I’m hooked and will be back soon.




Would definitely go again!

For my dads birthday mom bought him a ticket to go to flight studio, the guy that runs everything let my brother and I book a 20 minute go each too. I have always been one for flight simulators on the computer – I thought THAT was immersive – so I was pretty pumped that we got to have a go too.

Andrew was an amazing flight instructor and host, giving free drinks and coffee. I don’t think you can not get on with this guy, he is genuine and keeps conversation flowing.

Inside the flight simulator I felt like I was actually a pilot, it was so amazing taking off and landing inside a real cockpit with real inputs that affect what happens.

Zandro F



It’s so realistic!

We all know that most men are really difficult to buy presents for. Well Flight Studio changed all that, when I bought an hour in their flight simulator for my partner Steve! A thorough pre flight briefing (NB don’t worry if you don’t remember it all!) was followed by a ‘proper’ flight from Liverpool to Edinburgh, ably guided by a co-pilot who in real life flies for Easy Jet. And all of this is shown on a screen in the waiting area, so you can go along too and cheer/laugh/take the mickey at their flying skills!

Sarah D



A very interesting experience!

If you’ve played around with flight simulators on your computer, this will let you see what the real thing is like. Andrew will have you taking off and landing in no time, will show and explain all the controls and will answer all your technical questions!

Andrew has clearly put a lot of love and care into building this simulator, and he has done a fantastic job! You will get a lot more than what you paid for: you will get at least the flying time you’ve paid for, and this means actual flying — briefings, changeovers, etc, don’t count towards the flying time.

You can use your flying time however you want: doing full circuits or practising individual aspects of flying (landing, taking off, just flying around, etc.), Andrew will accommodate all your needs.

Many thanks for a very enjoyable experience!

Alex F



Terrific Experience

My two boys (11 and 13) had a special and memorable afternoon taking off and landing at Stansted in an amazingly realistic fully-decked-out 737 cockpit.

The staff were engaging, great at explaining any and every control, and made it a terrific experience for both the “pilots” and us observers, who watched it all from a very comfortable lounge area. Great fun and so much more rewarding than any simulator on a PC at home. The boys are already asking when they can go again.




My husband loved it

I gave this to my husband as a 77th birthday gift and he absolutely loved it. He was impressed by the enthusiasm of his “co-pilot” and found it all a wonderful experience. He’ll be reliving the trip for months to come so worth every penny!

Lesley H



A very interesting experience

I was given a flight session as a gift and was sceptical as to whether it was something I wanted to do, but I actually found it very interesting and fun, I totally enjoyed my session. I will definitely be back for more! It is all very realistic and when I posted a picture and video on Facebook everyone believed I was actually flying.



Lots of fun, hands on experience and technical detail.

A cracking trip out for my teenage lad. Andrew is an excellent instructor and host who has a real passion for aviation.

Andrew S



Wow, what a great set up.

Fantastic experience in the Flight Studio, such a real feeling and the visuals are incredible. Many thanks Andrew for such a brilliant session, amazing stuff. I will be back and will recommend you without hesitation.




Just go ahead and book a trip, you won’t regret it…

Andrew was fantastic, explaining all the pre-flight procedures, going through the route planning and calculating our fuel loads. The simulator itself is the ‘real-thing’, an exact replica of the 737-800; I was able to pilot the entire flight from push-back to shutdown at the destination gate.

There were a couple of surprises en-route, Andrew hadn’t flown this particular route at the time of day he’d selected and there was more traffic than he was used to, so we had a couple of air-prox events! However we got through it unscathed and I don’t think any of our passengers spilt their (expensive) drinks (it was an Ryanair flight).

If your an aviation nut, just go ahead and book a trip, you won’t regret it!




Thank you Flight Studio for an amazing day.

As someone who has never been on a flight simulator before I was amazed at how realistic it was. Andrew was a fantastic tutor and helped us every step of the way. I would highly recommend a visit for those who are aircraft enthusiasts and for those who are just looking for a fun day out. I will definitely be back for another session soon!




5* Review from Trip Advisor

I gave this to my dad as a gift, it has turned out to be the most successful present I have given him in years!

He is interested in flying but had never flown a plane or a proper simulator before. I thought flying a 737 might be too much for a novice but Andrew was brilliant taking him through all the key controls and procedures beforehand. The simulator itself is unbelievably realistic and there were lots of different aspects to the experience. Overall an unforgettable experience and really good value for money. Highly recommended.




I’ve never really played with flight simulators but this birthday present was a brilliant idea.

I have to say, doing the pre-flight briefing, entering the flight plan in the plane’s computer, sitting in a real cockpit and pushing the buttons as in real life was as much enjoyable as the flight. I think the very enthusiastic and passionate instructor helped a lot to make this experience fabulous. And my family had also a good time watching my flying on a big screen.




Lovely birthday present

I was so surprised at the level of detail that the experience offered. I think the attention to the level of detail on constructing the cockpit, that is so real, you become immersed in such virtual realism, one has to give ones head a shake! Enthusiastic copilot helping you through the checklists and guiding you was helpful.

I look forward to trying it again and trying to land in Hong Kong!

Against D



The experience was superb

I did not know quite what to expect never having flown any kind of aircraft. We were taken through all the pre-flight information and checks and then taxied to the runway for take-off. There is so much to think about and so much going on in the cockpit that the hour passed so quickly. I needed help with the landing but I really felt that I had flown a real plane. Andrew was an excellent tutor and had all the knowledge and experience. It was the best birthday present I have ever given myself and fantastic value. Go on – be brave – have a go yourself!!!!

Richard D



Flight Studio provides a perfect insight into the world of the commercial pilot

From the moment you enter you are made to feel like the star of the show. A detailed pre-flight briefing sets the scene and prepares you for the moment you take command of a fully integrated Boeing 737-800 simulator. Andrew is the perfect host and guides you through the entire experience, breaking down the barriers of unfamiliar jargon and providing detail to the procedures and processes that pilots observe when doing their job.

You will simply be swept away by the sounds of those twin engines firing up, dazzled by the many lights and displays flickering on the flight deck and swayed by the immediate effect of motion. For us, this was nothing short of a completely immersive experience, most notably for my seven-year old son, who had the priveledge of a real-life Easyjet captain in the right seat to guide him through a perfect circuit of Stanstead airport and wind shear on an approach into Hong Kong!

This day will, without a doubt, be the shared topic of conversation in our family for a long time to come. It has unlocked the secrets behind the ‘door on the left’, broadened a young boy’s horizons and aspirations and rekindled a father’s forgotten dream. If you love aviation, I recommend this experience as one of the best days out you’ll ever have. Thank you again to Andrew and Pete, not only for their kind and patient encouragement, but also for their generosity of spirit, and for sharing their passion for flight. We will return!
Happy landings!

Eric C



Incredible experience!

From the pre-flight briefing with real examples of flight plans, pre flight checks and the clear enthusiastic explanations, it was obvious Flight Studio was focused on ensuring I had a great time.

No previous experience was necessary, and I brought my family who could watch my flying on a big screen. This was just like a cockpit of a real Boeing 737 – including the view out of the windows and the sounds of flying!

It was great fun and I would recommend this to anyone – whether you are thinking of becoming a pilot or just because you want to have a good time

 Jonathan P